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Slowmoto Graphics, copyright 2014
Slowmoto Graphics, copyright 2014


Coalesce wisp of apple-born leaven

Tawny dim grass crisp with dew

Pendulum toggles fortuitous berth

Poetry by:  Slowmoto



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Thought bends color spawning an image

Paint into existence?

Trepidation endows emptiness

As fear maintains a clean brush

Poem by:

Painting by Slowmoto

Silent Release


Scrutinizing a relic’s heyday
Plummeting from lulling sway
Security abandoned to journey on
Earth’s trembling harmonic song


Poetry By: Slowmoto


Seeking Arroyo Borealis


Establish tumble

Derail overgrown silence

Vitalize chaos

Poem by:


Tethered moccasins berated into silent agony

Sheltered by warmed instant coffee and shortbread cookies


Silhouette adorned with tailored silver slippers

Shared an orange marmalade confection dressed in apple blossoms

Wakeful Bliss

Stocking feet planted on black leather shoes

Offered a raisin cake from a dusty dinner pail


Poem by:  Slowmoto





Stagnation weeps history

Thankful for dawn beyond darkness

Find your tear in the ocean

Whims challenge destiny

Thankful to you

My tear rescued in your hand

Poem by:  Slowmoto

Free Verse:

A Little Piece of Ice


We are defined by DNA


We are shaped by experiences


We are remembered by our hearts


Poetry by:  Slowmoto